1​-​5​/​60 - Live Saturation

by Jean-Francois Charles

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First five minutes of the 60/60 interactive composition project.
You can also be a participant and get a personalized minute of music, dedicated to you!


Saturation - a poem by Ruth Lepson.


released November 5, 2008
Flute - Mario Caroli. Live Recording in Paine Hall, Music Department, Harvard University - May 24th, 2008.
Have a look at the flute part: www.jeanfrancoischarles.com/2008/12/1-560-live-saturation-starring-mario.html
Picture after "fuente de vida" Creative Commons license by bachmont: www.flickr.com/photos/bachmont/
Samples under Creative Commons license (freesound.org):
tstopsqueal.wav (at 00:00) and tdepart1.wav (at 00:07), by Spandau
rowing.wav (at 00:00), by hazure
crosswalk.wav (at 00:13), by bondegi
children and adults in queue with traffic.wav (at 00:14), by mattew
070103-seoul_stn3.wav (at 00:15) and 070103-seoul_stn1.wav (at 00:17), by sazman
SaxOrientfragment.mp3 (at 00:20), by elmomo
In the Bus to Anchober - 09-01-2006.wav (at 00:36), by Piero Pepin
bus_india.WAV (at 00:37), by Anton
Bar Crowd - Logans Pub - Feb 2007.wav (at 00:39), by lonemonk
Speech synthesis by an Atari: repeat.wav (at 04:25), stop.wav (at 04:31), and atari.wav (at 04:40) by irrlicht
ti99 cassette program.wav (at 04:42), by datasoundsample



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